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The Future is Made of Choices

One of the foundations of Futures Studies is the idea of open future: the future is not preordained but we can influence the actualising future. The ability to imagine alternative futures is valuable in life management and facing unforeseen events. The future can not be chosen but our beliefs about what is possible influence all our future-oriented actions.  

Simulating futures: Get a Life!

Get a life is a text-based, partly stochastic work life simulation with which the user can explore in future worlds of studies, work and personal life up to 20 years from the present day. The simulation includes hundreds of alternative events which guarantee that each simulation experience is unique. The storylines consist of various scenarios on the future of work life and shifts between scenarios – partly random and partly by choice – produce alternative futures in every simulation run.

Simulation as a tool for learning

With a simulation it is possible to produce experiences of events yet unknown for the user. This enables exploring and testing various alternative choices and their outcomes. It is also possible to challenge users’ presuppositions, assumptions on causal connections and stereotypical images of the topic at hand.With the free to use, open access GAL2 simulation tool it is possible to create various types of simulation experiences from simple games to complex simulation games. The installation package, instructions and an introductory video are available at the Tool menu of this website.

Jokinen, L., Ollila, J., Vähätalo, M.  (2013) Get a Life! Simulating the Futures of Work (ss. 50-59) In Nina Jentl & Juha Kaskinen (editors) To be Young! Youth and the Future. Proceedings of the Conference “To be Young! Youth and the Future”, 6–8 June 2012, Turku, Finland. FFRC eBOOK 8/2013. Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku.